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Zen and Science

Meditation is deep enquiry into the workings of your consciousness  and the zen Buddhist tradition puts a lot of emphasis in understanding the nature of  mind. In this course, which will be given in English language, we combine traditional lessons in zen meditation with studies of relations between scientific knowledge  and the insights of Buddhism.
Each evening gathering starts with a one-hour period in which the physical and mental aspects of meditation will be explained and practiced. In this way, we will gradually build up the skills needed for proper meditation.  After the meditation period, we will spend half an hour discussing relevant topics and addressing questions. We close the evening with a cup of tea served in the ceremonial way.

Ben Scheres is an ordained zen teacher who received transmission from Nico Tydeman ( Niko Sojun Roshi). In addition, he has a long experience as  researcher and university professor in the fields of Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology, and leads the biotechnology  unit of a breeding company.  He has been active in zen and science for more than 30 years.

The course will be organized on Thursdays at the Zendo  ‘Binnenveld’ in Bennekom from February 2019 onward and runs from 20:00 to 21:45. In January, there will be a free introduction evening. If you are interested to join this evening, fill in the form at the website and you will be informed in December about place and time. If, after that, you decide to join we ask a modest contribution for a package of 14 evenings.